Our Story

Quality Over Quantity

We enrich our country, Nepal for a better society by delivering a high-quality coffee grown in Nepal to the world.

The founder of Coffee8848 had been working in NGOs as an agriculture specialist in Nepal to support the livelihood of people who were seriously affected by the earthquake happened in his country, Nepal in 2015.


He then travelled to various areas of Nepal on his work, and what he was surprised was that a huge coffee field had been left abandoned by farmers there.


The field was once planted by International NGOs who came to support in order to improve the income of the villagers. But they seem to have gone home without following up anything after planting. The villagers still had stayed without any idea of how to drink coffee, the cultivation method or the sales route. So most of the villagers inevitably cut down the coffee trees which occupied their precious land that would not generate income.



He was so disappointed in this situation because he knew the potentiality of Nepalese coffee; Nepal is a country where most of people are engaged in agriculture. And the agro-climate of mid-hill is highly suitable for the farming of this high-value plant thereby contributing for livelihood, income generation and economic growth.


Thereafter, when he went on the field trip, he conveyed the farmers about the potentiality of Nepalese coffee and emphasized them not to cut the coffee trees but plant more.


This experience lead him to determine to help those villagers generating the income through coffee plantation and establishing domestic and international market.


After years of field research and study, he came to the conclusion that Nepal was seriously lacking the advanced quality training and technologies to bring the best coffee taste from the Himalayan Arabica beans and enable to compete in the international market. Also, Nepal was still in lack of proper experts in roasting process.


Then he trained himself especially in cupping and roasting process staying in Japan, which is one of the best countries in the world that cultivates their own unique coffee culture. After gaining a fruitful inputs, he finally launched Coffee8848 in 2018 with the cooperations and supports from well wishers.


Nepalese coffee stands pretty insignificant in the world coffee market and production is still very low compared to other major coffee producing countries. Therefore, we are always focusing on producing and delivering a high-quality coffee to you all from Nepal to raise the profile of "coffee produced in Nepal" in the world.


We need to have a responsibility to empower coffee farmers and increase their income for a fair price. We are using only high graded arabica coffee beans cultivated in villages by resource poor farmers in Nepal.


We also contribute ourselves to our environment to get back the spectacular view of Himalayas from the city throughout the year and make Nepal a clean and green country as it was before. The coffee beans we trade are organically grown using locally available resources; cattle and farm yard manures. They are all hand-picked, hand-processed, hand-sorted and roasted with craftsmanship to ensure the best cup of coffee filled with distinctly rich flavor, aroma and unique characteristics that can be only found in Coffee8848.


Our motto is "QUALITY OVER QUANTITY". Coffee8848 always wishes to make a better society and enrich our country by delivering a good-quality coffee to you all from Nepal.

Nisani Brothers Industries

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