Coffee in Nepal

Nepal is located just above the world's coffee belt and it is a home to the Himalayas and have greatest diversity of flora and fauna. 

The geological setting and position of Nepal has really endowed her with precious gift to grow and produce world-class Arabica specialty coffee with rich and distinct flavor and aroma. 

3 geographical advantages in Nepal for growing high quality coffee



Nepal, which is famous for Himalayan  range including Mt. Everest, grows its coffee in the sloppy hills of 800 to 1,600 masl.



The hilly region where coffee are grown has optimum daily temperature 20⁰C to 24⁰C, in which Arabica coffee prefers to grow.



The sloppy hills of Nepal facing northern snowy mountains are good for Arabica coffee cultivation. The chilling breeze of the snow-capped mountain adds additional quality in coffee cupping.

Nepal produces very small quantity of coffee compared to other major coffee production countries. According to the statistics of the International Coffee Organization(ICO), it is less than 0.005% of the total.

There are several problems such as lack of technical knowledge, investment, sales channel and image of Nepali coffee to its consumers. So, Coffee8848 aims to introduce the Nepali Specialty coffee in the world's niche market. 

Where are Coffee 8848 beans coming from?

Coffee8848 selects the best coffee beans of the year from various coffee production areas in Nepal.

We are currently working with the beans from Lalitpur, which is located to the south of Kathmandu; and Sankhwashaba, which is located to the east of Nepal. 

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